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Milton Keynes Area

(Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Olney)

Milton Keynes Area covers the Borough of Milton Keynes (both urban and rural areas). There are a number of different clubs and activities on offer in the area, these are outlined below. All of these clubs and activities are run by a fantastic team of volunteers and transport to and from the venue, can be arranged if required. If you are interested in attending any of these clubs please give us a call on 01296 487556.

Meet new people

Buckland Club
Meets fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon in Netherfield. The club runs a programme of activities throughout the year ranging from talks to general social meetings.

Partridge Club
Meets fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon at Peartree Bridge. This club also runs a programme of activities.

Wolverton Club
Meets fortnightly on a Tuesday afternoon in Stantonbury Fields. This club also runs a programme of social activities.

Lunch Bunch
Members, friends and volunteers meet monthly on Mondays for a pub lunch.

Be creative

Eye For Art
This group meets at various locations on a regular basis. The group runs various art and craft workshops, some with skilled artists, which give members the chance to enhance their skills.

Reading Group

The group meets every 2nd Thursday of the month in the evening at the CMK library to read and discuss books.

Keep Fit

Walking Group

Long Walks - Enjoy long walks of 3-4 miles each month on a weekend. A programme of walks is arranged in advance.

Short walks - Enjoy shorter walks that last about an hour. The walks run on a weekend each month during the summer season.

Fitness Group

Members of the group meet at Oakgrove Leisure Centre on Monday mornings to use the gym facilities with the assistance of trained staff.

Tandem Group

If you are a keen cyclist but need someone to act as your pilot this club is for you. Volunteer pilots and tandems are provided by the group.


A yoga class takes place on a Thursday afternoon in Milton Keynes.

Ballroom Dancing

Classes take place monthly on a monthly basis, for sighted and visually impaired people.

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