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Greeting Cards by Rodney Pengelly

Rodney Pengelly was a talented watercolour artist and horticulturalist who lived in Chalfont St Giles. In 2013, he turned his wonderful paintings into greeting cards and mounted prints to sell with all profits kindly donated to us.

"Since 2008, BucksVision have supplied me with special lighting and magnifiers. Without this help I would not have been able to paint my highly detailed watercolour paintings, although I still need to have good light and a lot of patience."

Sadly Rodney passed away in 2020 but we were very pleased to be given a supply of his greeting cards by his family so we can sell them to raise money for BucksVision and remember Rodney.

We are selling the cards in packs of 10, 2 designs in each pack or we can make you up a pack of your selected cards for £3.50 and we also have a selection of 8 mounts available which can be bought for £10.

Please find all of Rodney's watercolours below, if we have a mount of the painting this is indicated below the photo (we only have one mount of each painting).

£3.50 - Pack of 10 cards

£10 - Mounted picture

Plus delivery charges

Tower Bridge with the ramps raised White small motor boat on water with person on deck, other people on land Red bricked church with square tower and tree/bush in foreground

Tower Bridge, London

Mount available

Sea Harmony entering Lock, Marlow

Mount available

Chalfont St Peter Church

Mount available

Brick building with chimneys and hedge in foreground Red brick building with river in front of it, bridge to left and blue awning on building Ship with sails, rigging and flag on the sea

Milton's Cottage, Chalfont St Giles

Mount available

House on the bridge, Eton

Mount available

Ethiopian Aberdeen Clipper 1864

Mount available

Blue and white arched iceberg and reflective sea Grey stone church with square tower and graves/monuments in foreground Stained glass window showing a star above an angel

View of Patagonian Ice

Mount available

Chalfont St Giles Church

Stained Glass Window

Mount available

Pink daisy flowers on black background Small cottage building with sea and boats in distance Woman wearing headscarf stares out at view with green field in background

Flowers from the deep

Little Boy Fishing, Cornwall

Coming of Age Ceremony, Liberia

Mount available, very few cards