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Your priority will be to ensure your loved ones are provided for when you die – BUT - if you don’t have a valid Will, the courts may take decisions for you when you die!

Writing a Will is the only way you can guarantee how your assets are shared amongst your family and friends. It also lets you decide who should look after any dependants that you leave behind. You may also consider leaving a donation to BucksVision to help us continue to support blind and partially sighted people in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

People often assume that their spouse or partner will be the main beneficiary of their estate but the court may decide otherwise. As well as making sure your loved ones are cared for, a professionally written Will can save the beneficiaries of your estate paying unnecessary tax through careful inheritance tax planning.

How to leave a legacy to BucksVision, if you don’t have a Will

1. List everything you own, including property and investments
2. Name an executor (usually a family member) who will ensure your wishes are carried out
3. Name those people you want to benefit from your Will
4. Name the charity you wish to benefit from a legacy
5. Your solicitor will up write your Will for you as a legal document

How to add BucksVision to your existing Will

1. Your solicitor will add BucksVision to your existing Will
2. Alternatively, purchase a codicil and fill it in with our charity number: 1147814

Taking the hassle out of Will writing with The Goodwill Partnership in your own home

Wills prepared by The Goodwill Partnership are provided by a panel of solicitors who specialise in estate and probate law and are regulated by the Law Society.

• £125 + VAT for a single Will
• £125 + VAT for a second Will, for your Spouse or Partner

The service includes a free, no-obligation home-visit consultation from a professional Will counsellor.

For a small annual administration fee of £20.00 + VAT The Goodwill Partnership will provide solicitor storage of single and joint Wills and free amends or a replacement Will(s) at any time. (Admin cost £15 + VAT).  The Goodwill Partnership offers free legal advice for you and your executors, from the panel solicitors, who provide and store your Will. To arrange an appointment please visit their website.

About The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership was launched in 2009 to offer low-cost, home-visit Will-writing services for charities’ donors. More than 50 participating charities are listed, including BucksVision.


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